Mental Health & Wellbeing

Science has shown that stress and anxiety are triggers for DGBIs and so it’s particularly important to look after your mental health if you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions – although this is something that we all should do.

Research has shown that professionally delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy can improve IBS symptoms. If you’d like to explore this further, talk to your GP/Family Doctor about a recommendation to a certified/accredited professional. Of course, therapies like CBT and Counselling can also be of benefit for those without gut symptoms.

Everyday activities such as yoga, mindfulness and simple breathing practices are simple, effective tools that you can use to help you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

If these measures aren’t helping your mental health then please discuss them with your GP/Family Doctor.

Woman sitting on beach sand and relaxing at sunset time
The Gut Experts’ Mental Health Tips for Gut Wellbeing
  • Try to establish a daily breathing or mindfulness practice
  • Take regular exercise
  • Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake during times of stress
  • Talk to a friend or a family member if you’re feeling anxious, stressed or troubled – a problem really shared really can be a problem halved
  • Talk to your GP/Family Doctor if you’re starting to feel you cannot cope
There are some excellent sites and online resources about looking after your mental health, and we would suggest having a look at our Useful Links section. Remember that there is help available and if you are struggling, contact your GP / Family Doctor.

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