We are strong advocates of taking a holistic approach to managing digestive conditions. Science has proven the negative impact that stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and inactivity can have on a person’s digestive system and wellbeing, and the impact is even greater in those with digestive conditions.


This is why The FLAT Gut Diet Plan takes a Total Mind and Body Health approach to managing IBS. 

We use the TEAMS factors, and these are: T for total mind and body health, E for exercise, A for alcohol, M for mental health and S for sleep. In the plan we recommend specific guidance on each of these lifestyle factors as they are an integral part of looking after your gut condition.

The good news is that taking even small steps to address these problems can have a positive impact on your digestive system and your general wellbeing. We’d also like you to understand why quality sleep, regular exercise and taking steps to proactively manage your mental health can be of great benefit.

You can easily factor our simple tips into your daily routine at little or no cost, and can do a lot of this from the comfort of home.

Discover The FLAT Gut Diet Plan and learn more about how and why you need to take a holistic approach to managing IBS in our book, What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Gut  here.

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