The Gut Experts’ Kitchen

Welcome to The Gut Experts’ Kitchen where we hope you find enjoyment in food and recipes that agree with your gut. Food after all brings pleasure, comfort and is very much a social part of life. IBS sufferers often struggle to find tasty, easy recipes that maintain a calm gut and cause minimal troublesome digestive symptoms, so we’ve created some for you. The Gut Experts’ Kitchen includes a range of delicious recipes including, breakfast, light meals, dinners and something sweet for dessert.

Rather than eliminating whole food groups, people with digestive complaints often need to address the amount of particular foods that they’re eating in order to minimise their gut symptoms. With this in mind, all of our recipes have been designed with smaller amounts of particular ingredients that can cause gut symptoms – we strongly believe in the benefits of an inclusive rather than exclusive diet. All vegetables, salads and fruits are used in gut friendly amounts. If you’re wondering why quantities are so specific, this is the reason. We aren’t advocates of completely wheat or gluten free diets (unless there is a diagnosed medical need) and therefore we do include cereals, breads, crackers, biscuits and pasta, albeit in smaller quantities. So, a bowl of soup with two small slices of soda bread should be well tolerated. However, six slices of bread and a bowl of pasta in a day, would definitely cause digestive troubles.

Welcome to our kitchen, we hope you’ll find something to tempt you.

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