Keralan Chicken Curry with Green Beans

“This curry originates from the tropical south coast of India and is traditionally served with jasmine rice and green beans. It's wonderfully light and fragrant .”
serves 4-6
Cooks in 1 hour
Difficulty quite moderate


350g Thai jasmine rice
600ml boiling water
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 spring onions, finely minced (green part only)
2.5cm piece fresh root ginger, peeled and finely grated
1 cinnamon stick
6 whole cardamom pods, lightly crushed to split open
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 teaspoon chilli powder
20g fresh coriander
200ml tin coconut milk
120ml chicken or vegetable stock
pinch of sea salt
400g boneless chicken, cut into wafer-thin slices
80g mangetout
80g sugar snap peas
150g extra fine green beans
1 lime, cut into wedges


To prepare the rice, place the jasmine rice in a heavy-based pan with the boiling water. Bring to the boil and then cover with a tight-fitting lid and reduce the heat to low. Simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until all of the water has been absorbed and the rice is tender.
Meanwhile, heat a heavy-based pan with the oil over a medium heat. Add the spring onions, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom pods and stir-fry for 20 seconds. Stir in the turmeric and chilli powder and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute until fragrant, stirring.
Reserve a few coriander sprigs for garnish and blend the remainder with the coconut milk in a mini food processor or with a hand blender. Stir into pan with the stock and bring to the boil.
Reduce the heat and simmer for 1-2 minutes, then stir in the chicken and vegetables and season with the salt. Continue to simmer for 2-3 minutes (cook longer if using thicker pieces of chicken) until the chicken and vegetables are tender, stirring constantly. Add the lime juice to taste.
Remove the lid from the rice and fluff up the grains with a fork, then divide among warmed bowls and ladle over the Keralan chicken curry. Garnish with the reserved coriander sprigs and lime wedges to serve.

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