Dietary Advice

Dietary Advice for Gut Problems​

We advise those suffering with gut problems to ensure that they have a proper medical diagnosis before embarking on any dietary programme, we can’t stress this enough.

How to investigate gut symptoms


Second Line Dietary Management


Unfortunately, many people will find that the first line recommended dietary and lifestyle advice will not give them sufficient gut symptom relief. In these cases, patients typically need expert dietary management tailored to them. We strongly recommend that these dietary changes only be navigated with a Registered Dietitian (RD) with an expertise in gut nutrition.

Dietitian writing a diet plan, view from above on the table with different healthy products and drawings on the topic of healthy eating

There is a lot of information available about ‘fermentable food components’, or FODMAPs and most RDs who have an interest in management of digestive conditions will be trained in the low FODMAP diet.

We believe that as fermentable food components, FODMAPs are important triggers of gut symptoms. However, our own creed is that the low FODMAP diet is a little too restrictive and we find that while it works in the short term, many of our patients have difficulty adhering to it in the long term. There are also some knock-on effects on the GM, which are not beneficial, and we very much believe in an individualised approach to management of gut symptoms.

In practice we tailor dietary approaches for you according to your symptoms, as clinical experience shows ‘one size does not fit all’. In most cases this means moderating the intake of some foods and possibly spreading their intake throughout the day rather than at one sitting. We will be posting more about our dietary advice in the coming months.

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